Ka:’yu:’k’t’h’/Chek’tleset’h’ Interactive Digital Media Project

Role: Digital Media Producer

This digital media project will create an interactive website and digital media exhibit in the form of a “Digital Bighouse” – to preserve and share the knowledge and history of the Ka:’yu:’k’t’h’/ Chek’tleset’h’ First Nations and follow the phases of development and construction of a new Bighouse in Kyuquot Village on west coast of Vancouver Island. 

Spiral – Telus Optik 4K Web Series

Role: Associate Producer, Production Manager, Post Production Supervisor

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 12.32.35 PM
Spiral Series

REACHING BLUE: finding hope beneath the surface

Produced & Directed & Edited by Andy Robertson & Ian Hinkle

Broadcaster: CBC – Absolutely Canadian


Reaching Blue was broadcast on CBC across Canada and nominated for 3 Leo Awards and screened at over 80 festivals worldwide. Reaching Blue was runner up for the National Geographic Eric Moe Sustainability Award.

A writer, an oyster farmer and an ocean scientist on the Pacific coast expose new changes found in the Salish Sea, linking each of us to the world’s oceans. With twenty-two cinematographers contributing imagery from deep-sea submarines, ocean research vessels and drone cameras around our local waters, we catch a glimpse of the Salish Sea as it has never been seen before. From John Steinbeck’s old research vessel The Western Flyer to residents of coastal communities facing dramatic changes in their own back yards, Reaching Blue shows that we are all connected to the ocean at our doorstep.

STREAMING ON DEMAND: Watch the entire documentary on CBC’s website  click here (Canada only)

Behind the Scenes of the film THE THAW

Role: Producer, Director, DOP

August 2008 my production company Shelter Productions produced a behind the scenes “making of” for the film The Thaw. The film was written and directed by Mark and Mike Lewis and shot in central B.C. and starred Val Kilmer. This video is included in the DVD special features and explores the story, the actors experience, and the locations.

Digital Presentation at the San Francisco Exploratorium: The Museum of Science, Art and Human Perception

Role: Digital Presentation Producer

Client: NOAA/NASA/Ocean Networks Canada
Produced presentation content for the following keynote speakers:

  • Mark Garneau – former NASA astronaut and current Canadian Cabinet Minister
  • Kathryn Sullivan – former NASA astronaut and current Administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
  • Kate Moran – CEO of Ocean Networks Canada and former Assistant Director at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

Academic Publications

The Power of Seeing: Experiences using video as a deep-sea engagement and education tool
Role: Co-author
Publication dateOct 19, 2015
OCEANS’15 MTS/IEEE Washington DC

This paper describes initiatives underway at Ocean Networks Canada (ONC) in using video data as a tool for public engagement and education: live video streams from cameras on the seafloor, citizen science using video data, audience participation in deep-sea expeditions, and K-12 engagement through the Ocean Sense program. Live and archived video attract the majority of user traffic on ONC’s website and can be leveraged to direct the viewers to other content and messaging, enhancing their engagement with the deep-sea environment. Public interest in scientific discovery creates a user base for citizen science initiatives, while educational audiences can be connected to both realtime and asynchronous learning materials. The power of live connections is also harnessed during research expeditions, which can be extended from the ship and the seafloor directly into the classroom.

The Power of Seeing – PDF

Data Visualization in a Wired Abyss


With the goal of helping scientists and communicate ocean science, I created this project with a colleague to present at the 2013 Coast GIS conference at UVic.
Cabled observatory technologies bring a powerful new approach to the study of complex and dynamic seafloor environments. This project presents the results of a pilot project undertaken at ONC with the aim of providing researchers and the general public with a virtual tool for visualizing instrument data in its physical environment.

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