Pemberton Music Festival 2016 – Artist Catering

Role: Cinematographer

Client: The Ruby Catering

Role: Producer, Camera, Editor

Client: Island Expeditions – Belize Guide Kayak Certification

United Way – Respite: A night away for caregivers of children with special needs

Role: Camera, Editor

Client: United Way

When Ann Auld gave birth to a baby girl with Down syndrome, the doctor called her “Perfect”. Ann and her spouse, Martin named her Zola, meaning, “Of the Earth”. Knowing her daughter’s condition, Ann vowed “I will bring her out into the world and I will bring the world to her.”

Leadership Victoria – DIVERSITY VICTORIA

Role: Producer

Client: Leadership Victoria Team Bellatonia

This video was created to enhance awareness and understanding of diversity and to share information on being inclusive in the Victoria BC community. It is a Community Action Project commissioned by the Leadership Victoria program.

Royal LePage Profile

Role: Producer, Camera, Editor

Client: Connie Lebeau

Ocean Exploration and Science Communication

Role: Producer, Writer, Editor

Client: Fisheries Canada, Government of Canada

In the darkness of special places like the Endeavour Hydrothermal Vents, ocean research is bringing to light deep secrets about life on earth and potentially elsewhere in our universe. “Black Smokers” and hydrothermal vents Create an ecologically-rich oasis in the deep sea where chemosynthetic creatures thrive and chemicals provide life-sustaining energy.

Role: Producer

Client: Ocean Networks Canada

From 2011-2016 I worked with Ocean Networks Canada (ONC), a wired undersea ocean observatory comprising VENUS and NEPTUNE Canada cabled networks. ONC supports coastal to deep ocean research and technology. It enables real-time interactive experiments, focused on ocean health, ecosystems, resources, natural hazards, and marine conservation. The Observatory is a national facility led by the University of Victoria for a pan-Canadian consortium of universities and partners.

In order to service the observatories ONC utilizes research vessels outfitted with remotely operated submersible vehicles called ROVs .  These ROVs have HD video cameras attached to record the dives and provide researchers and the public a glimpse of the ocean’s secrets.

Role: Producer

Client: The Narwhal

BC Hydro has argued there’s broad support for the Site C dam — but DeSmog Canada’s reader-funded poll found dramatically different results. While Premier Christy Clark is trying to get the dam “past the point of no return” and BC Hydro is pushing farmers off their land, 7 in 10 British Columbians want to stop construction to investigate alternatives.

TEDxVancouver – Dr. Kate Moran – Connecting our Planet’s Oceans To the Internet

Role: Digital Presentation Producer

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Behind the Scenes of the film THE THAW

Role: Producer, DOP

August 2008 my production company Shelter Productions produced a behind the scenes “making of” for the film The Thaw. The film was written and directed by Mark and Mike Lewis and shot in central B.C. and starred Val Kilmer. This video is included in the DVD special features and explores the story, the actors experience, and the locations.